Top 4 Reasons Why Everyone Should Take Daily Probiotics

Top 4 Reasons Why Everyone Should Take Daily Probiotics

You have probably heard the buzz. Probiotics are taking a mainstream place in society as more and more studies link gut health to both brain health and overall health. However, most people don’t really know why they should take probiotics, or what impact probiotics have on the human body. So today, we’re going to educate you a bit on WHY you should be taking probiotics daily and how we think it will help you in ALL the aspects of your life!

Reason #1: Probiotics Improve Your Gut Health, and Your Gut Health Impacts Your Overall Health

According to numerous studies in academic journals, your gut health has an impact on your heart heath. This can be due to having too much bad bacteria in your stomach. For example, when eating foods such as red meat and eggs, your liver turns these into TMAO (trimethylamine-N-oxide), which can cause cholesterol build up in your blood vessels which can have a negative impact on your heart over the long term.

Probiotics may hinder this process by creating good bacteria that competes for space in your guy with these bad bacteria.

Studies have also shown that the balance of bacteria in your gut micro biome may affect your emotions and the way your brain processes information, which may play a role in conditions such as anxiety and depression.

Similarly, probiotics may help create the right amount of healthy bacteria so that your micro biome is in equilibrium.

Lastly, there are recent studies linking gut health to obesity, which seems very intuitive. Essentially, having more healthy bacteria (to create a balanced micro biome) may help the body properly sense when one is hungry or not.

Given obesity has been linked to overeating, it might be very helpful to take advantage of probiotics for the purpose of an overall healthy lifestyle.

Reason # 2: Probiotics May Help Support Your Immune System, and well…Who doesn’t want that?

There have been many recent studies linking probiotics and immune system support. It is thought they probiotics primarily do this by inhibiting harmful gut bacteria and also boosting the creation of immune cells such as igA-producing cells, T lyphcytes, and natural killer cells.

Needless to say, having a strong immune system has been linked to more health benefits than could fit on this page! Don’t forget, drinking water, eating healthy and exercising daily, all have a major impact on your overall health and immune system, so keep those things up!

Reason #3: Constipation, Diarrhea and Being Bloating Are No Fun and not Attractive

For any athlete (or anyone at all for that matter), we all know how frustrating it can be if your stomach is causing performance issues. Even if you are training (i.e. going on a jog) it can be a nightmare if you run into constipation, diarrhea or bloating.

Similarly, these issues do not normally help out in the dating market (if you have not watched the scene in Along Came Polly after Ben Stiller has Indian food, please do so!) It’s never attractive to have diarrhea or constipation, so why not limit it wherever you can!!

Remember, many times, these issues are the result of your gut not being in equilibrium, meaning you have an unhealthy balance of good bacteria and bad bacteria in your stomach.

Studies have shown that probiotics can inhibit the bad bacteria in your gut from causing these issues by creating good healthy bacteria that can assist your body in the smooth digestion of foods!

Reason #4: Probiotics Naturally Occur In Your Body

Given that probiotics are not a drug, they do not have side effects like certain drugs do. 

In fact, you might be surprised to know that many probiotics naturally occur inside your gut, and probiotics simply help add to those bacteria so that your body has the proper balance. Certain foods or antibiotics can kill off some of these good bacteria, and probiotics may help keep this “equilibrium” in balance.

Conclusion (and an important message!):

So there you have it, the top 4 reasons why YOU benefit from taking probiotics daily. Our hope is that once all of you start taking probiotics everyday, it encourages you to also start OTHER positive daily habits each day. This can include eating healthier, exercising, building your career, business or passion, raising a family, or even just brightening others day everyday / giving back to your community.

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