Want to Boost Your Energy and Vitality? Try This Old Trick

Want to Boost Your Energy and Vitality? Try This Old Trick

What most folks do not realize is that there are numerous simple ways to help keep your immune system in check on a daily basis. One of the most important? Maybe you guessed it…drinking water!

Seems obvious right, but many of us simply do not get enough water intake on a daily basis.

So today...we’re going to tell you exactly how much you should ideally be drinking, some tips and tricks on how to remember to keep it up, and the actual benefits to your body from drinking enough water.


How much water should you drink daily? 

This one is generally simple: you’ll want to follow the 8x8 rule (8 cups of 8oz of water per day)

Keep in mind this will increase if you are working out and sweating heavily (your body is losing excess water) so you want to be at a minimum of 8x8 and increase it from there as you exercise more day to day.


Tips and Tricks 

1. Start off with a bang

The best way to get rolling towards the 8x8 is to "overdrink" in the morning.

Don’t’ forget that when you wake up, your body hasn’t had any water in 6-8 hours (if you’re getting enough sleep!) so feel feel to drink 2-4 cups right off the bat, this will help later on in the day if you’re super busy and forget.

2. Drink Water With Every Meal

 No explanation needed other than the fact that you're knocking out two birds with one stone here.

You're hydrating, and the water will help flush down the food you eat for healthier digestion. A win-win!

3. Buy One of These Cups

Swell reusable cups are a great way to keep hydrated. They are 16oz each bottle, so you know when you drink four per day you are getting your sufficient water intake!

4. Have water bottles stashed (sustainable ones!)

A trick we learned from a friend is to have your standard plastic water bottles stashed all over your house (preferably massive Poland Spring ones)

Seeing them constantly will force you to remember to hydrate (no joke here we have tried it!)

We highly recommend you only buy a plastic water bottle from a company that recycles its plastic.

Given global warming is only becoming a larger and larger issue these days, it has been determined that single use plastic is really the primary concern.

In general, this is why we prefer reusable bottles like the Swell brand above because they are better for the environment.

5. Bring your bottle to your workout 

Don’t go to the gym without your water bottle (this is another reason why you’ll want a nice reusable one)

At the gym is when you’ll lose the most water through sweat, so it’s important to hydrate even more at this point.

Health benefits of drinking water

The moment we have been waiting for, why is water even good for us?

Physical Performance

Losing water will hurt your physical performance (especially during workouts – both cardiovascular and weight training / lifting) 

This can even lead to oxidative stress which is the long-term cause of certain chronic diseases. That is why it is especially critical to hydrate while you are exercising.

Your energy levels will be up and your workout will feel more efficient!

Energy Levels and Brain Function

The truth is that your hydration levels have a major impact on your brain health, and your brain can be impaired even if you lose a small of your standard hydration levels.

So hydrating to keep your brain feeling clear and clean is very important

Headaches and Hangovers

Nice alliteration we did there right! Well the two here go hand in hand.

Regardless of whether you’re drinking coffee in the morning or ripping shots at the bar at 3am, it is easy to get dehydrated in our day to day.

Without combatting this with water, you’ll run the risk of getting both headaches and hangovers when you’re out drinking.

So just drink some water at the end of the night and throughout the day and never deal with these again! 

Note that we don’t recommend you drink alcohol more than once per week in general.

Alcohol is essentially commercialized poison! (Yes red-wine has some health benefits so drink it with your Friday night meal for good measure!)

Digestion and Constipation

Here we go, the reason all of America is taking probiotics is to help smoother digestion!

Water is a huge part of this plan. Probiotics might help give you better flora, but proper hydration in combination with this will help a ton and be even better for you!

Drinking water helps regulate your entire digestive system and has a major impact on preventing constipation.

We think this will give everyone a little extra incentive to keep drinking water... 



Well that is a wrap…hopefully we have convinced you that you NEED to be drinking water every day! 

Comments or questions? Ask away!

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