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Affiliate program overview Our affiliates program is broken into tiers. Normally, all affiliates start at a 8% commission with a 30 day cookie window and the opportunity to move through commission tiers for 90 days. Every 90 days, the commission tiers restart. A bonus structure is also in the works for top performing affiliates, so stay tuned for more info on that. Finally, we are providing 10% off to offer to shoppers who buy from your affiliate link. Everybody wins! Affiliate tiers 1st - 8% (starting) commission 2nd - 10% commission 3rd - 12.5% commission 4th - 15% commission How the tiers work At the beginning of each quarter, affiliates’ commissions restart, allowing sellers to progress through the tiers again for the next 90 days. By hitting certain sales amounts (sales in dollars, not number of sales), affiliates progress through the tiers during this time frame. This means the quicker you hit the sales commission amount of each tier, the quicker you move onto the next tier. So, if in 30 days you have already hit your sales commission amount goal for the 4th and highest tier, all of your sales for the next 60 days will earn you 15% commission until the next quarter restarts the commission tiers. Frequently asked questions How do I apply? Use this link, follow the instructions, and fill out the form to apply. What do I do once I become an affiliate? Start sharing your affiliate link how, when, and where you want, keeping in mind your cookie window. Does it cost anything to be an affiliate? Nope! It costs nothing to be part of this program. Do I get kicked out of the program if I don’t make a sale? If you haven’t made a sale in 180 days, we will re-evaluate your position within the affiliate program. We want you to stay actively part of our program, so we’ll be in contact to see how things are going after this time frame. Do I get samples or products sent to me? Affiliates do not receive samples or free products at this time. Are there marketing guidelines I should know about? Yes, as an affiliate, you will get an affiliate Dropbox link which will include brand guidelines, product photos, and and additional photos for your use. How often do I need to post about products as an affiliate? It’s up to you! We recommend posting at least once a week, but never more than twice daily. Can I post about or promote other brands as well, or am I expected to only post about Skinny & Co.? You can post about any brands you’d like. They’re your social profiles, and we’re just happy you want to be involved with our brand! Can affiliates purchase new products before they’re sold to the public? Affiliates can opt into our Beta Testers program when they sign up to be part of our affiliates program. This is not automatic, however. When are payments processed? You will get paid at the end of every month. If I decide I want to leave the affiliate program, how do I do so? Just email, and we’ll handle it

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