Copy of Our Story

During his time as a college athlete, Andrew, our founder, discovered out the hard way many times that hisstomach had a major impact on hisperformance on the field. Evenoff the fieldwhen he wasat the gym or joggingaround campus with friends, he found that he would feel off if hisdiet wasn’t in line, or if he went out on the town and put down afew too many beerswith his buddies…

Then, when Andrew started his first job out of college, he wasworking over 60 hours per week, and although he waseating a healthy diet, he ended up with someannoying stomach issues (diarrhea, constipation and even indigestion…)

At a low point…hedidn’t use the bathroom for almost a week (gasp) and decided tosee a gastroenterologist (stomach doctor). 

His doctor told him that:

1) thestress of his job wasgetting to his gut, and he needed totake it easy

How crazy Andrew thought, that all this time he had no idea why he wasn’tfeeling his best!

His doctor recommended he starttaking daily probiotics, which would helpreplenish the healthy bacteria in his stomach, and that he would probably befeeling much better everyday as a result. 

He also found out that both his parents and some of his friends were already taking them, and thought it must beworth a shot!

Andrew started taking probioticsdaily, and theyworked like magic

He realizedif he stopped, his stomach problems would come back slow and steady, so the key waslong-term daily consistency

Andrew,amazed, did someresearch to find out the science behind his newfound interest…

He realized probiotics are something thateveryone can benefit from, whether they simply want an extra rush of healthy flora (flora being healthy bacteria), are lactose intolerant and need a fix, or need their stomach feeling smooth after a red-eye flight (talking to our consulting friends out there!)

So… Andrew set out on a mission, doingmonths of in-depth research, analyzing everything he could about probiotics. 

He found out that thespecific probiotic strains (the type of probiotic bacteria) werereally what mattered for its positive impact on the human body. 

He also found that a lot ofsuppliers overseas were suspicious, or didn’t really give full details for their probiotic strains, whichleft him feeling skeptical.

He set out to find a probiotic formula that he knew was: 

1)100% reliable and trustworthy, made in a USAFDA registered facility 

2) Contained adiverse set of the most researched and well known probiotic strains that helped with everything fromoverall digestive health, toimmune system support, toantibiotic protection and long-termhealth

3) Would actuallysurvive all the way through thedigestive system. (This can be a problem with some probiotic strains making them less potent and not worth your investment)

The result is Oasis Probiotics! 

Overall, Andrew’svision is to create a morehealth focused society in America. By takingdailyprobiotics, his hope is we can alljumpstart our journeyto othergreat daily habits like exercising,eating healthy and serving our fellow citizens throughcommunity service

Byfocusing on taking probiotics daily andpracticing a daily athletic lifestyle, we canall feel better leading a happy and healthy life!

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